Chink Positive

Handa ka na bang mabago ang iyong financial life?

I am about to share something that will change your life forever.

Yes, baguhan ito ng buhay, Kachink.


Gusto mo mabago ang iyong financial life? 

Gusto mo bang matutong mag-ipon at makalabas sa utang?  

Gusto mo bang yumaman?

“Huh! Posible ba yan!” You may think na impossible or ito ay mapakahirap. Tama ka! Impossible ito at mahirap kung hindi mo alam kung ano ang ginagawa mo. Pero magiging possible at madali ito kung alam mo kung paano ito gawin. Ang tanong, gusto mo bang matuto? I am here to today to offer you a RARE OPPORTUNITY to help you to become WEALTHY AND DEBT-FREE!  

Here are some testimonies from a few people I helped: 

"Ayun! Been years na! Ahahaha And now I have a car already from a guy with a humble motorcycle. Because of (Chinkee’s) inspiration. I now believe that impossible is really possible and I’m proof of it."


"Napakalakas po ng impluwensya Inyo sa akin. Almost 30k na po ipon. Wala pang 1 year. At yun po ay sa tipid ko. Hindi po sa pagkain. Pati po sa lahat ng bagay na hindi kailangan. Salamat po sa inyo. God bless." 


"Chinkee Tan, thanks my friend. And people, you MUST listen to someone like Chinkee Tan. He knows what he’s talking about."



But before I talk more about how you can be WEALTHY AND DEBT-FREE, allow me to set the ultimate goal kung bakit ba natin gagawin ito. Lahat tayo gusto natin ma experience yung tunay na Financial Freedom.  

Yung tunay na financial freedom, hindi yung FAKE. Yung financial freedom that will last, hindi lang yung akinse at atrenta na tuwing sumesweldo.  

Tapos bumabalik na sa dati, balik na naman sa dating problema. Pero bago pa natin pag usapan yung ano ba hitsura ng tunay na financial freedom. 

Financial Freedom For Me Is...


Hindi ka stressed at nakakatulog ka ng mahimbing. May nakatabi kang pera para sa iyong mga babayarin.


Wala kang iniiwasan at alam mong walang humahabol sa iyo, dahil wala kang utang. 


Hindi ka nag-aalala para sa iyong pamilya at kanilang kinabukasan.  


Nabibili mo ang gusto mo at nagbabakasyon ka sa mga lugar na kasama mo ang iyong pamilya.


“Chinkee, malayo pa ako diyan!” It’s okay if you think you're not there yet. That’s what I’m here for.  

Living in financial lack is not easy, and debt can be quite a stressor. Sa totoo lang, may mga tao akong kakilala na mas takot pa sa katapusan ng buwan, kaysa sa katapusan ng mundo. Lol!  

If you are going through what I just described, wag kang mag alala. Tutulungan kita and I want to help you to get out of your financial stress!  


My vision as a WEALTH COACH is to help my fellow Filipinos become WEALTHY and DEBT-FREE. Why? First reason, gusto kong matulungan ang mga taong tulad mo na may pareho ding pinagdadaanan. Alam kong mahirap na maging mahirap. Iba ang turing at tingin sa ‘yo ng tao kung wala kang pera.  

Second reason, I believe everybody deserves an opportunity and a chance to live in financial freedom. Kahit hindi ka pa naniniwala, pero ako ay naniniwala na kaya mo! Dahil kung gusto gagawa ng paraan, kung ayaw maraming dahilan.  

Third reason, I want to reach more people the most effective way. I average 240 speaking engagements per year. I have travelled most parts of the country but I still can’t reach most of the far flung places, not mentioning the OFWs that are spread all over the world. I want to help many more but I know my limitations. I am limited by location and time. 

I only have 24 hours a day and cannot be at several places at the same time. Nang dahil dito, matagal na kaming nag-iisip ng paraan. We have been strategizing, brainstorming, and studying in finding a more effective and efficient way to teach more people at the same time.  

So, I huddled with the dedicated and hardworking members of Team Positive to come up with something beneficial for you and your whole family. We’ve invested thousands of man-hours just to come up with this.  

After six years of preparation and lots of prayers, we are finally ready! We have come up with something that can help you fulfill your financial goal.  

What if I tell you that we have come up with a VERY EFFECTIVE money management system to help you become financially free and debt-free? 





I personally intended for it to be 


Any person can duplicate the results you will achieve. You don't need an expert by your side to tell you how to start. It is created to make your journey a lot easier than you expected.


You can apply it right away. It doesn't matter how much you have right now or how much you are currently earning. You can start where you are with whatever available resources you have. 


Starting a lifestyle of saving, budgeting, staying out of debt and investing truly comes within reach through the help of the Money Kit. You will see results for sure!


This Chink Positive Money Kit is one-of-a-kind and the first of its kind here in the country and is guaranteed to start a new wave of positivity in your financial life. Most importantly, it will change the way you view money and the manner by which you use it.  

The Chink Positive Money Kit will introduce you to four important things you need to learn in order to be financially free and debt free. 

Sneak Peek into the Chink+ Money Kit

What makes the Chink+ Money Kit a Life Changing Product? The best part of this Chink+ Money Kit is that aside from the Manual Managing System, this Kit also comes with an Automated Money Management Software designed to manage your money electronically. 

This allows you to edit the item to match your needs and preferences. It can automatically track your expenses and earnings monthly, semi-annually, and annually. And the climax is you can assess yourself easily if you are living within or beyond your means. 

Here is what they are saying about Chinkee Tan and the Money Kit

"Na-inspire po ako sa Money Kit nyo. Hindi ko po sukat akalain na kaya ko palano makasurvive sa 15-30 na sweldo kahit inapply ko ang formula mo. I even raised the amount I need in just 2.5 months."


"I just finished your book Till Debt Do Us Part. I just want to say that I am grateful that I bought your Money Kit. It’s worth every penny. Thank you for sharing your wisdom to us."


"We've been trying to figure out how to better handle our finances, got to talk to several financial advisers too, but nothing was able to help us until we found you! Your DIY kit is super effective! Truly very simple, applicable and attainable. Exactly what we, Filipinos, need." 



What's Inside The Chink+ Moneykit?

Finance and Budgeting Software

This is a fully automated and editable system that allows you to keep track of your monthly, semi-annual or annual expenses, how much you are earning and if you are living within your means.

Money Tracking Envelopes

These envelopes help you track savings, positive buying and investments. These will eventually help you build a strong habit of setting aside money.

Debt Repayment Plan Worksheet

This worksheet allows you to choose different debt reduction strategies, including identifying the highest debt. Here you can visualize when you will be debt free.

Instructional Videos in DVDS

Instructional Videos with step-by-step instruction to guide you how to use this Chink+ Money Kit effectively. The Money Kit also comes with a manual. 

"Til Debt Do Us Part" Book

This book will help you understand the importance of getting out of debt as well as setting your mindset to be financially educated and ready. 

Expenditure Tracking Envelopes

This allows you to keep track of your daily, weekly, and monthly expenses. To see how much you have spent within a month at a glance.

That’s it? Of course not! 

As a FREE GIFT, isasama ko na ang isa sa mga best-selling books ko na “Till Debt Do Us Part” in the kit! Yes, it’s FREE! And it’s for you!

"As of now after I bought your book, Till Debt Do Us Part, I started saving and investing as well. Reading book like Robert Kiyosaki’s Rich Dad Poor Dad, I go my savings for only 3 months to 15,000."  

Trebor Fernandez 

"I have a story- Thank you Chinkee Tan. We thank the Lord na ginamit nya young Moneykit mo to guide us in our finances plus your book Till Debt Do Us Part. We are on our way to a debt-free life. We can see that God will allow us to lend to many nations and borrow from none! To God be the glory!" 

Jossette Paramio Solang

"Another great book about personal finance is written by my good friend Chinkee Tan- Till Debt Do Us Part!"

Ogie Alcasid

I am also including a fully automated Chink Positive Budgeting Software that offers the following exciting features: 

  •  The ability to edit items based on your personal preferences or needs
  • Track monthly, semi-annual or annual expenses
  • Lets you know how much you are earning on a monthly, semi-annual or annual basis  
  • Yes, it’s FREE! And it’s for you!

Tapos na ba? Hindi Pa Tapos!

Hold onto your horses! I’m not done yet! You mean there’s more? The answer is a resounding YES! 

As an added BONUS, I am including a Chink Positive DVD Guide that you can watch and listen to at any hour of the day, anywhere you may be. 

Through this added material, you can get the feel of a one-on-one coaching directly from me. It will be as if I’m right there with you!  

Isn’t that a GREAT IDEA?  

What’s next?

The decision is yours now, kapatid. 

Are you willing to go down this road with me? This road leads to financial freedom, free from stress, worry, debt and financial lack.  

People who attend my one-day financial seminars usually invest thousands of pesos in order to learn the basics in saving, becoming debt-free, budgeting and investing. The fee does not even include the Money Kit yet.  

Would you be willing to invest in yourself? I believe the best investment you can make today is not in financial education. Lahat ng ito ay kasama na sa MONEY KIT for only P3,499.  

But Wait! We are Not Done Yet!

Para ma-maximize natin ang iyong journey of learning, it is important that we need to have also a change of mindset.  

For things to change we need to change. Change can only come when we have a change of mind. That is the reason why I want to also to introduce you to my other books.  

Each of my books costs more or less P400 pesos each. If you do the math, that is a total value of P3,200.  

These are all included in the package for FREE!  

Here’s another surprise!

As some of you might know that I recently authored three best-selling books DIARY OF A PULUBI, MY IPON DIARY and My badeyt diary.(inset best selling poster of nbs) And I also released the 52 Week Ipon Challenge through this IPON CAN. This IPON KIT is valued at P550.  

When you ORDER NOW, I will give it to you as a free gift.  

Instead of receiving One Chink Positive Money Kit. You will also receive the IPON KIT for FREE! 


That's a value of P4,000, that you get COMPLETELY FREE if you buy the Chink+ MoneyKit Boxset!


Get the Digital Version of the CHINK+ MONEYKIT!

If you're an OFW and cannot order the Boxset, you can get the digital version of our MoneyKit! You will get the same contents of the Boxset in digital format.


There Are Two Ways You Can Get this Money Management System



"Take control of your finances rather than allowing it to take control of you."


Marami akong gustong i-share sayo to help you attain financial freedom, but it requires you to make an important decision first.

No one can make the decision for you except yourself. 

If you do not take action. Nothing will ever change. For things to change we have to change. For things to get better, we need to get better.  

Remember, change will only happen if you only take action.  

“The decision to be financially literate is your first step towards financial freedom.” - Chinkee Tan