Chink Positive

Chink+ Positive Money Kit 

Financial Freedom, in a Do-It-Yourself Money Management System

A Step-By-Step Guide to Keep Track of Your Personal Finances From Chinkee Tan 


Develop Your Financial Skills.

Start Saving

Learn how to set aside a portion of your money on a regular basis for every paycheck. Follow the step-by-step guide that allows you to save for your short, medium and long term saving goals. 

Build a Budget

Create a written plan to manage and allocate your money. Determine how much money is actually coming in and going out. Understand the 3D’s in budgeting.

Get Rid of Debt

Start paying back any owed money to anyone or anything. Learn how to get out of debt and stay away from it. Know and apply the Debt-Free Strategies

Begin Investing

Practice the 3-Rules of Investing. Understand more about income replacement fund. Follow the simple steps on how to invest. Learn how you can enjoy the fruits of your labor in your retirement years. 

"It is not how much you know, but how much you apply."


The Perfect Blend of the CHINK + MONEY KIT 

Inside the CHINK + MONEY KIT you will find the Chink+ Money Kit Guide in which the instructions are discussed into two formats to help you choose whichever will suit you best for easy understanding.

1. The Manual. On paper format for step by step instruction.

2. The Instructional Video with Chinkee Tan. On DVD format for more interactive instruction. 

Inside the Kit you will also find:

  • The Accordion Folder
  • Expenditures Envelopes, Savings Envelopes, Positive Buying Envelopes, Investment Envelopes,
  • Debt Repayment Plan Worksheets and Financial Obligations Worksheets
  • A Chink+ Pen
  • Till Debt Do Us Part Book
  • Budgeting Software

How has Chinkee Tan helped and changed peoples lives? 

"Ayun! Been years na! Ahahaha And now I have a car already from a guy with a humble motorcycle. Because of (Chinkee’s) inspiration. I now believe that impossible is really possible and I’m proof of it."


"Napakalakas po ng impluwensya Inyo sa akin. Almost 30k na po ipon. Wala pang 1 year. At yun po ay sa tipid ko. Hindi po sa pagkain. Pati po sa lahat ng bagay na hindi kailangan. Salamat po sa inyo. God bless." 


"The best talaga ang advice ni Sir Chink Positive. It really helps me in finances daily in life. Nakakapagsave na po ako now ng money. Thank you, Sir Chinkee Tan."


"Thank you Mr. Chink Positive! You are the bestest motivational speaker of financial literacy. You are helping out many people through your words and wisdom. May you from richer and prosperous!"


"Grabee idol! If you want to have a positive result in your life, Mr. Chinkee Tan will help you! Power! Ang galing po talaga!"


"Chinkee Tan, thanks my friend. And people, you MUST listen to someone like Chinkee Tan. He knows what he’s talking about."



What's Inside The Chink+ Moneykit?

Finance and Budgeting Software

This is a fully automated and editable system that allows you to keep track of your monthly, semi-annual or annual expenses, how much you are earning and if you are living within your means.

Money Tracking Envelopes

These envelopes help you track savings, positive buying and investments. These will eventually help you build a strong habit of setting aside money.

Debt Repayment Plan Worksheet

This worksheet allows you to choose different debt reduction strategies, including identifying the highest debt. Here you can visualize when you will be debt free.

Instructional Videos in DVDS

Instructional Videos with step-by-step instruction to guide you how to use this Chink+ Money Kit effectively. The Money Kit also comes with a manual. 

"Til Debt Do Us Part" Book

This book will help you understand the importance of getting out of debt as well as setting your mindset to be financially educated and ready. 

Expenditure Tracking Envelopes

This allows you to keep track of your daily, weekly, and monthly expenses. To see how much you have spent within a month at a glance.


Turn Knowledge into Action

Sneak Peek into the Chink+ Money Kit

What makes the Chink+ Money Kit a Life Changing Product? The best part of this Chink+ Money Kit is that aside from the Manual Managing System, this Kit also comes with an Automated Money Management Software designed to manage your money electronically. 

This allows you to edit the item to match your needs and preferences. It can automatically track your expenses and earnings monthly, semi-annually, and annually. And the climax is you can assess yourself easily if you are living within or beyond your means. 

Here is what they are saying about Chinkee Tan and the Money Kit

"We've been trying to figure out how to better handle our finances, got to talk to several financial advisers too, but nothing was able to help us until we found you! Your DIY kit is super effective! Truly very simple, applicable and attainable. Exactly what we, Filipinos, need." 


"Na-inspire po ako sa Money Kit nyo. Hindi ko po sukat akalain na kaya ko palano makasurvive sa 15-30 na sweldo kahit inapply ko ang formula mo. I even raised the amount I need in just 2.5 months."


"I just finished your book Till Debt Do Us Part. I just want to say that I am grateful that I bought your Money Kit. It’s worth every penny. Thank you for sharing your wisdom to us."


"We thank the Lord na ginamit nya yung Money Kit to guide us in our finances plus your book “Till Debt Do Us Part.” We are on our way to a debt free life. We can see that God will allow us to lend to many nations and borrow from none!"


"Sir Chinkee, maraming salamat po. Dahil po sa inyo lumaki ang ipon ko. Dahil sa tuwing na feeling ko gumastos kayo ang pinapakinggan ko."


"Great day, Mentor Chinkee. I am happy and grateful that i [grabbed] your books. Super priceless talaga. Hopefully I can read all of your books. Thanks a lot and God bless!"


Why Do I Need a Chink+ MoneyKit?

It's built out of experience.

Been there, done that. You don't have to make the same mistakes. Use the learnings from the person that thousands have considered their personal wealth coach.

You can really "do it yourself"

You do not need to worry about how to start or if you will get out of track because it is discussed step-by-step in the paper money management guide and instructional CD and manual.

It's extremely simple.

This Money Kit is simple and yet very effective as a tool to help you attain your goals in making yourself financially wealthy and debt free.  

It's ridiculously convenient.

Since the Money Kit is systematically discussed, you can do it anytime, anywhere at your own convenient time and pacing.

It's value-for-money.

This will definitely give you true value for your hard earned money. Imagine having complete control of your finances. Woah! That’s really priceless.

The results are attainable.

Starting a lifestyle of saving, budgeting, staying out of debt and investing truly comes within reach through the help of the Money Kit. You will see results for sure!

There Are Two Ways You Can Get this Money Management System

What's more is I will give you 11 BOOKS + IPON CAN FOR FREE! 

That's a value of P4,000, that you get COMPLETELY FREE if you buy the Chink+ MoneyKit Boxset!


Get the Digital Version of the CHINK+ MONEYKIT!

If you're an OFW and cannot order the Boxset, you can get the digital version of our MoneyKit! You will get the same contents of the Boxset in digital format.


"Take control of your finances rather than allowing it to take control of you."


About Chinkee Tan

Chinkee Tan is a well-known Wealth & Life Coach. He is the author of numerous best-selling books. Chinkee Tan is a TV and Radio Personality and host of the award-winning show “Chink Positive”, on Radyo 5 92.3 News FM simulcast on Aksyon TV.  

A well-sought after speaker for major companies and sales organization, Chinkee Tan is considered as one of the most influential persons, particularly on the topic of Personal Finance.